Wood burning professional garden grill IWONA GRILLS

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Goulash soup in a cast iron cauldron on the grill IWONA GRIILS
Shrimps on a grilled WOK pan IWONA GRILLS
Grilled pork neck on Brazilian skewers IWONA GRILLS
Iwona Grills Accessories
ALEX AQUA fireplace with a 100 kg pellet tank

We present a working hybrid fireplace for pellets and wood ALEX AQUA with a 100 kg pellet tank sufficient for about 1 week of heating a house with an area of 100-150 m2 depending on the temperature. The fireplace has a power of 13kW and takes only 140cm x 90cm. All plumbing is outside the fireplace.

Iwona Grills in Greece

Garden grills from Cortenu IWONA GRILLS, your career in the country of Europe. This time in Greece.

Wood burning professional garden grill IWONA GRILLS

Wood burning professional garden grill IWONA GRILLS

Iwona Grills Corten TABLE with solid wood top

We present the IWONA GRILLS grill table made of Corten steel with a real 75mm thick wood top. The table top is held by magnets. IWONA GRILLS TABLE 48x96x96 cm

Iwona Grills winter time, QUADRO LITTLE

Winter scenery with the use of the Little Quadro IWONA GRILLS Corten steel grill. Can be used as a hearth and grill with a grate. Made of Corten steel resistant to weather conditions.

Grilling on a glass plate Iwona Grills

We present our latest product, glass grill plate. A sensational addition to our IWONA GRILLS garden grills. Ecologically, without dripping dishes, unique taste and easy to keep clean.

Hybrid fireplaces - users reviews from France

Hybrid fireplaces - users reviews from France

FELIX- small fireplaces with great opportunities

IWONA PELLETS presents wood and pellet fireplaces  FELIX. Fireplace Built-in small size. Automatic setting a fire wood and pellets. Available FELIX AIR fireplaces air and water jacket FELIX AQUA.

FELIX - Des petites cheminées avec un grand potentiel

IWONA GRILLS assembly instructions

We invite you to read the IWONA GRILLS grill assembly instructions

Presentations and opinions of users PL

Presentations and opinions of users PL

Silver award at Grenoble 2018


Iwona Pellets fabricant de Poêles hybride, à reçu la médaille d'Argent du Concours de l'Innovation au salon BOIS ENERGIE EXPO de Grenoble en 2018.

Start up the first LOUIS fireplace in France

The first hybrid fireplace installation in France - LOUIS AIR.

Kijów training movie Pellets fireplaces

We are presenting movie from the pellets fireplaces training in Kiev.

Exhibition fairs - Poznań - BUDMA / KOMINKI 2016

We received the gold medal award during the bigest international fairs in Poland - Poznań

MANUFACTURER OF HYBRID FIREPLACES IWONA PELLETS presents the range's evolutions in 2017 at the BOIS ENERGIE fair in Limoges.

Different functions of hybrid pellet (wood pellets) and log fireplaces.

  • The models of fireplace equipped with a wide door offer a great vision of fire. they are equipped with an automatic system for feeding and switching on and off the pellets, as well as permanent regulation of the combustion air.
  • An automatic mode also allows the pellet to return to combustion after having fed the fireplace with logs during the evening for example ...

The only fireplace in the world with a guarantee of clean glass. Gives a great unique exposure to the flame, a home where burning wood becomes more than a pleasure. A closed combustion chamber with high efficiency, regulation of combustion with a single lever. low amount of ash thanks to the patented ventilation system of the combustion chamber ...