Hybrid fireplaces pellets and wood

ECOLOGICAL Wood burning grills

Automatic firing up pellets and wood

Jaroslaw Rebiewski Track cycling world cup winner

Flame of the year 2018 Company of the year

Automatic cleaning Open the fireplace door once a month

Silver innovation competition award Grenoble 2018

Set of BLACK integrated calenders with fine screens and slats

Standard equipment

Set of integrated grids:

LOWER GRILL - gives access to the ashtray and the air inlet of the room to be heated.

UPPER GRILL - extracts heated air from the fireplace, has a system of movable blinds.

Product description

This chimney grate has an elegant line and can be used for the circuit distributing the hot air from the chimney.

It is installed on the firebox using a frame and flexible clips on the cover.

This solution allows rapid assembly and disassembly, for example for cleaning purposes.

The classic and simple style of the grill makes it easy to adapt to any type of interior.

With an epoxy paint, its color remains durable and resistant to high temperatures, and the grid itself is more resistant to mechanical damage.

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