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Glass plate for Iwona Grills 100 or QUADRO
Glass plate for Iwona Grills 100 or QUADRO 1
Glass plate for Iwona Grills 100 or QUADRO 2
Glass plate for Iwona Grills 100 or QUADRO 3
Glass plate for Iwona Grills 100 or QUADRO 4
Glass plate for Iwona Grills 100 or QUADRO 5

Glass plate for Iwona Grills 100 or QUADRO


Heat-resistant glass plate. The plate is placed on the IWONA GRILLS grill. You can prepare food directly on the disc. It is perfect for grilling fruit, vegetables, desserts and meats.

The disc is easy to keep clean.

Product description

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Ecological garden barbecues

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Professional natural-wood-burning IWONA GRILLS branded corten garden grills

Not only for professionals

IWONA GRILLS branded grills are loved by both individual users and professional chefs. They are used in houses, restaurants, hotels and guest houses. Catering events with IWONA GRILLS branded grills evoke positive impressions only.

What makes our grills special?

What makes our grills special?

Special aged corten steel

IWONA GRILLS branded grills, tables and racks are resistant to any weather. These products are made of weather-resistant steel, also known as Aged steel which shows signs of corrosion. The process of corrosion may evolve with time, and thus steel colour may change. Natural corrosion layer protects steel sheets against real corrosion, and therefore makes them resistant against damage for a long time.

Which wood specie to choose?

It is essential that wood is very dry, therefore it catches fire quickly and generates no smoke.Beech is the recommended wood specie. Beechwood burns very slowly and cleanly.Best if pieces of wood at about 1kg are used. The smaller the pieces the less smoke is generated.When lighting it is recommended to stack smaller pieces of wood and use environment-friendly fire lighter. For lighting, a long match is enough, and no additional blowers are necessary.

Easy cleaning

IWONA GRILLS branded grills can be cleaned easily which is their big advantage. When grilling just scrape contaminations from heating plate sequentially using stainless-steel spatula. When heating plate is heated, a very simple way to scrape contaminations is to use cooking oil. Once grilling is over, simply apply cooking oil all over the heating plate.

Profiled heating plate with decline towards centre

Thick heating plate is made of special grade of steel which prevents sticking when grilling. Heating plate is factory-profiled and has a decline towards the centre of the grill. Any contaminations, oils and greases have no impact on external surface of the grill when grilling. Grilling is very simple – the closer the flame, the warmer – and each dish will find just the right place on the heating plate.

No harmful lacquered elements

Heating plates are made of grade of steel without protective coating, and thus it should be impregnated with cooking oil. Heating plates are also easily removable. Stylish grill, made of special aged steel, will turn any open-air event into something special. Available in the following sizes: 80 cm, 100 cm and 114 cm.

Easy installation

Grills are delivered disassembled, and their assembly takes 10 minutes.

Place the grill on a stable ground, and once hearth is screwed on grill base, level it using adjustable feet and a spirit level. Then insert heating plate and align it symmetrically. Levelling of the grill is particularly important so as to have contaminations on heating plate flow towards the grill centre rather than outside (heating plate is factory-profiled and has a decline towards the centre).

Additional rings and inserts

Ring for BBQ 80 IGRL80

Ring for BBQ 100 IGRL100

Ring for BBQ 114  IGRL114

Stainless-steel cover

Grill cover 80 IGP80

Grill cover 100 IGP100

Grill cover 114 IGP114

Gloves for wood handling


Stainless-steel cooking spatula


Use your grill all year round

IWONA GRILLS branded grills are exceptionally suitable for use in colder seasons, too. Alike with a natural bonfire, burning wood heats the surroundings around the grill, creating warm and cosy atmosphere even in frosty winter days.

Great potential and thousands of dishes

The following presentation shows only a small number of dishes you can prepare using your IWONA GRILLS branded grill

IWONA PELLETS and IWONA GRILLS products are patented

Produced in Poland by IWONA PELLETS

State-of-the-art CNC technology

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